Willi Footwear

FAQ’s and Comments

Here are some frequently asked questions or comments we receive from our customers.


I had a blowout! WTF?!?! You said they wouldn’t break!
What should I do if the boomerang plug snaps off?

Now this is a disaster!!! But no, we do not claim that the bases or straps are indestructible. They are made from rubber and can wear out overtime and break. This is not supposed to happen, but due to the nature of the material it is possible. The boomerang plugs have been designed to pull through the holes in the base instead of snapping off. This allows you to push the boomerang back in, if you get ‘un-plugged’.

It is unlikely to happen, but if it does, take a photo and send it to us right away, along with your colour and size. We’ll send you a new pair of straps ABSOLUTELY FREE!! That’s our no blow out guarantee!



What do I do if my strap pulls through?

The beauty of our flip-flops is that the plugs have been designed to fit through the base at a certain angle. If the strap and base come apart with force, ideally the strap will pull through and not snap off. This way, it is fixable and you don’t have to walk around with one flip-flip on. Simply push the long arm of the boomerang plug through first and replace the strap in to the base. Walk on my friend… Walk on!


How do I use the printable sizing chart?

  1. Click on the link of your desired size on the sizing chart page or size chart tab of the individual product pages
  2. The PDF will open in a new window
  3. Click FILE then click PRINT
  4. Make sure PAGE SCALING is set to NONE
  5. Place your foot in the outline to see if that is your correct size

Although the bases may vary slightly, it is best to measure your foot or an old pair of flip flops from the centre of the heel to the top of your big toe.

Please always check your size before ordering as you will incur postage fees should you need to swap for a different size.

The size range is based on the Men’s U.S. size range, although they are labelled unisex. This means that if you are ordering a ladies slim style and you are normally a 9, you will need to order a 7/8 instead. If you are normally a 7/8, you will need to order a 6 and so on… best to measure your foot with the sizing charts.


What happens if I order the wrong size?

You idiot!!! Naaahh… just jokes! This happens from time to time. Just keep them in mint condition and send them back to us at: Boomerangz LLC, 5903 Caymus Loop, Windermere, Florida 34786. Please include a self-addressed pre-paid large envelope inside the satchel you send them back in (that’s 2 large envelopes). Also, it is a good idea to have ‘tracking’ on the package as it will be your responsibility until we receive them back.. Your other option is to give them to someone else as a gift… and get yourself another pair! This way you won’t be wasting money on postage costs.


What if I don’t like the color when I receive the product?

The product images on the website are accurate to the actual colors but they might vary depending on the resolution of your computer screen or phone settings. If you don’t like the color we can exchange them over for you. Send them back to us at: Boomerangz LLC, 5903 Caymus Loop, Windermere, Florida 34786. Please include a self-addressed pre-paid large envelope inside the large envelope you send them back in (that’s 2 large envelopes). Also, it is a good idea to have tracking on the package as it will be your responsibility until we receive them back.


Will I get a blister?

Hmmmm… you might get a blister. I got a blister once from the strap rubbing on my foot in a different spot that my skin wasn’t used to. Stupid soft beautiful skin! I soon toughened up though and no more blisters! But it’s not the end of the world, I do recommend a band aid over the blister.


What is the meaning of life?

This is open to personal interpretation… Here at Willi Footwear & Boomerangz, we think life is for enjoying experiences and spending time with friends and family. Do what you love, whenever you can. Our parent company name; ‘WILLI’ is an acronym for our outlook on life: “Why Ignore Life? Live It!”


I’m a retailer and I want to sell your interchangeable bases and straps in my store – how do I go about this?

Get in touch with us via e-mail at: [email protected]
We will respond with some wholesale prices, point of sale information and make sure you’re a good fit to help get our flip flops out to customers all over America.


My bases wore out! Is this normal?

Congratulations! You’ve worn your bases out! A great achievement! While this shouldn’t happen too soon, it is a sign that you love wearing them. Due to the rubber material of our products they will suffer from wear and tear, from every footstep you take and being exposed to the elements. There is a fine line between having the rubber soft and comfortable (wears out quicker) or really hard (which lasts longer). We aim in between so they are soft, comfortable and mould to the shape of your foot. Often the bases will start off harder but will soften up soon after wearing them.
We put our product through rigorous testing to get the perfect combination of rubber bounce back and comfort. (That’s not a pair of ours below by the way…)


Is your product made in an ethical way?

Our manufacturing partner’s facility is a family owned and run operation. High standard workplace conditions and safety audits are a regular occurrence and they maintain good working conditions. There are no under-age workers and we go there several times a year for inspections of our manufacturing facilities. The product is made without any nasty additives (such as Azo-dye colors) and all products are lead free.


Which retail stores can I find your cool, interchangeable and no blow-out flip flops in?

This is constantly changing as we are continually adding our product range to stores all over the world. Some stores will close down, some won’t hold our product over winter and we can’t guarantee they have all the styles, sizes and colors. If you would like to know if our product is stocked in a store near you, simply get in touch via the contact us page.